For those of you in the loop, you already know I speak spanish natively. I want my son to learn as well but I wanted him to approach me and express his interest. He hears me talk to my parents in Spanish and on occasion, he will see me watching some of the many soccer matches and novelas on Telemundo, Galavision, and Univision. Finally the day came when he asked me to teach him the language. (woohoo!)

We started out with the basics – the alphabet. We went through all 30 letters of the alphabet with little incident. The boy’s picking up on the consonants and vowels and is speaking with an accent as good as I’ve ever heard. It’s a proud moment for this papa! Then he looks at me and asks if there is a Spanish version of the Alphabet Song. Huh? Hmm… I don’t remember singing it in school or hearing my parents sing it to me so I did the next best thing – Google It! Of all search results on the web, with my son sitting beside me, eagerly awaiting a tune he can sing along (btw, he’s almost 7), I run across this young man who intends on putting a little bit of soul into his rendition…

Nice! My son and I watched with the biggest grins on our faces! We played it several times and learned a lot!

And for those Latin brothers and sisters that are wondering in horror if I taught this rendition to my son, I will have to unequivocally say – of course! Not only does he know how to sing it correctly, he’ll entertain you by singing ninjawarriordex3’s version as well!

Ah, the power of cheese the internet!