Putting a little twist in the wrist!

This world changes so much that time honored traditions such as the Hallelujah Chorus need to be revamped for our self-indulging generation. Although I still love and cherish the original (I sing it every year at Christmas), I understand that looking at things slightly askew may actually help us gain some perspective and appreciation. That is, if you seek and desire it for the right reasons. I often wonder how many people still honor and respect things that are older than us. Things that have withstood harsh weathering this life tends to bring. Religion, History, Tradition, War Veterans, Classical Musicians, your grandmothers and grandfathers… you get the idea.

What’s going to happen once you get as old as the hills? Will you be wishing for those days when people had respect for the older generation? Will you wonder if those things you cherished the most as a kid will be honored by your grand children? It’s the circle of life, folks! Or perhaps a case of my karma running over your dogma?