When I saw on the Today show (click on image above to see video) that Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Jonathan Knight were reuniting as The New Kids on the Block, I shuddered silently to myself as flashbacks of visiting my cousin in the Bronx began to surface. Wallpapered between the Kirk Cameron posters were The New Kids in every imaginable pose that invited the giggles and doe eyed admirations from many a teenager and tweener from sea to shining sea. Displaying proudly and ‘hanging tough’ in her bookcase were the NKOTB six inch life size replicas still in their boxes for fear of desecrating the sanctity of its portable cardboard and plastic temple.

By the door, my foot was tempted to “accidentally” knock over her official NKOTB Lunchbox with one foot and her pile of Tiger Beat magazines with the other but I decided against it. Why? Because I know she’d confiscate my Star Wars Thermos, but that’s another story for another day.

As I awake myself from the blank stare I had on my face, my wife looks at me and asks me if I forgot something important?”No,” I answered back, “but I am going to give my cousin a call and see if she’s dug out her old NKOTB memorabilia to be sold on eBay .”