I was visiting a friend of my wife’s to pick up some stuff for her because that’s what husbands do. My visit was quick and I needed to leave to get home. I get in the car and it doesn’t start. As a matter of fact, it made this weird clickety sound. I’m clueless when it comes to cars. It’s not my business to know cars when others know better. So naturally, I called my local Kia dealership hoping to speak to a mechanic and just get a couple of questions answered. It was almost 7 pm, so I knew my chances of speaking to someone mechanically inclined was slim to none. The main desk forwarded me over to Service but it went straight to voicemail. This wasn’t good. I pressed 0 to get the main desk again. This time, someone else picked up the phone. His name was Shawn and he asked me who I was trying to get in touch with. I told him someone in Service and he told me that everyone had left for the day. Then instead of saying, try again tomorrow, he asked if there was something he could help me with. I explained what happened and he proceeded to go through the gamut of testing the vehicle. Cables, battery, etc. As I looked at the battery, I mentioned a lot of dust on the battery poles (at least that’s what I call them). He told me to get some 7-Up and pour it on the battery connectors. I have heard about this trick before but never tried it until now. Yes, it did work but nope the car failed to start. He suggested that I jump the Kia. Fortunately, my wife’s friend was still at home and helped get the cable and her van in position. Nothing. Shawn hung out at the dealership until I told him that there was still nothing. He suggested that the battery was dead and that it needed to get replaced. He was a trooper for hanging out past his quitting time. Major props to Shawn at KIA of Gwinnett for helping!

Of course, my car was still not starting and I was dreading having to call my insurance company to bail me out. I chuckled to myself thinking that cavemen were going to help tow me to the nearest Pep Boys (hint, hint, nudge, nudge), but it still wasn’t going to get me home any sooner. I thought I was going to bum a ride with my wife’s friend or even wait on her to pick me up. She suggested that I could use her AAA membership to get service. I didn’t think you could ‘bum’ someone’s AAA membership but she said it was worth asking. Wouldn’t you know it? They do as long as she was there with her AAA card. Woo Hoo!

They were here within 35 minutes (they estimated an hour), they tested my battery and confirmed it was dead, replaced it with a brand new AAA battery with 3 year warranty (regardless that I wasn’t a AAA member), took my old battery away to dispose it and helped get my car started. All within a span of 20 minutes! Wow! I know my lizard friends wouldn’t have pulled this type of service for me (and why not? I have their roadside service? But as I mentioned before, I’ve been through their roadside assistance.)

Needless to say, I am so impressed by the service and quick response AAA had for me – a non member (soon to be one). I’m sold!