3 Wisest People that You Know?

General Patraeus, John Lewis, Meg Whitman (CEO of eBay)

Your Greatest Moral Failure + America’s Greatest Moral Failure

First marriage + Lack of Devotion to Causes Greater to Our Self Interest

What does Christ mean to you?

It means I’m saved and forgiven.

What point is a baby entitled to human rights?

At the moment of conception.

Define marriage. Was California wrong to overturn it?

Union between one man and one woman. Yes, but being a federalist, each state should make this decision.

Does evil exist? Ignore it, negotiate it, contain it, defeat it?

Defeat it. Osama will be brought to justice. Evil must be defeated. Challenge is radical islamic terrorist.

Which Supreme Court justices would you not have nominated?

With all due respect – Ginsburg, Breyer, Souter, Stevens. Criteria of proven record of adhering to Constitution not legislating from the bench. Alito and Roberts are my favorites.

Define rich?

If you’re talking about income… how about $5 million? (He did say that everyone was going to take that answer out of context) Spending got out of control. Not taxes. We studied DNA of bears in Montana for $3 million! We need to be better stewards of taxpayers money. Everyone should be rich and taxes should not be raised.

Right to privacy and security. Which takes precendent?

We must preserve the privacy of all our citizens. There are so many ways to communicate and this country needs to keep up and monitor these ways of communication.

America’s responsibility to the world: What’s worth dying for?

Freedom. National security.

McCain had the answers quickly and then proceeded with his anecdotes. Basically the opposite approach that Obama took. Personally, I liked that because it showed that McCain doesn’t beat around the bush (bad pun, I know). It was a little grueling having to sit through and exactly get a vibe on what they really wanted to do for this country. There were some people that told me that McCain was given the answers beforehand and thus posed the advantage over Obama. Frankly speaking, no one’s going to care the next day. That’s the reason that vexes me into making sense of this world of politics. Both candidates sounded genuine but you can tell which one had priorities as stewards of their positions of power. God have mercy on us when we all head towards the voting booths.