Hello! We should make an appearance on SNL to boost our ratings as well as theirs. Whaddya say?

You’ve got to admit that John McCain has a hilarious sense of humor. He’s made appearances at SNL before so why not have the trifecta done twice? Here’s the skit I’m envisioning.

Setting: In a laboratory that’s in a dark dungeon. Tesla coils in the background. A gurney in the center of the room with a body covered completely in a white sheet.

McCain: [Dressed in white lab coat on the phone] Yes, tell them to come in.

[Enter McCain’s future appointed cabinet and wife Cindy, dresssed in lab coat as well]

McCain: Welcome my minions. I’ve gathered you here today to witness my ultimate secret weapon that will garantee us the White House. Muahahahahaha!

McCain cabinet: Muahahahaha!

McCain: SILENCE! Mrs. McCain, you may bring him in now.

[Enter Barack Obama, eyes blindfolded as he walks in front of McCain and his cabinet. His blindfold is removed.]

Obama: What’s the meaning of this? John!? What are you and your staff doing here? Why did you bring me here? I thought we were going to have a photo op at the golf course?

McCain: Something stinks, B.O. and it’s this election. You’ve been gathering momentum as the months have gone by and it’s time that I take matters into my own hands. You see, I’m going to win this election and it will be done in such a way, you will be rendered helpless in your desperate attempts to overthrow me! Muahahahaha!

Obama: [looking bored] John, John, John. Once a snowball rolls down the mountain, it only picks up more speed and cannot be stopped. You’ve been coasting all this time but it’s my turn to drive. The American people are going to vote for me. You can’t convince them otherwise!

McCain: Really? You don’t think this old fart’s got a few more hands to play? Watch and learn from someone who’s been around the block a few more times. Behold! My ticket to the White House!

[McCain dramatically rolls away the white sheet once draped over the gurney as it tilts forward revealing the identity. The woman revealed has a frozen, disconnected look on her face.]

Obama: [still unimpressed] John, what’s Tina Fey doing under the sheet? Is this another one of those $10,000 a plate celebrity fundraisers? So where’s the buffet line start. I am getting a bit hungry.

McCain:Muahahahaha! See, you are even fooled at close range! Muahahaha!

Obama:[looking puzzled] What are you talking about?

McCain: It’s all part of my plan, B.O. Thanks to the advancements scientists have made in cloning, I’ve decided to clone Tina Fey and turn her into… [dum, dum, dum music plays….] your next Vice President of the United States! Meet Sarah Palin, current governor of Alaska!

Obama: Sarah, who?

to be continued…