Ooh, Whine-a-cuda!

Ooh, Whine-a-cuda!

For those of you that noticed during the end of the RNC, Heart’s Barracuda was being played. This, of course, was in homage to Sarah Palin’s nickname, Barracuda, which she got back in her basketball playing days in high school. The new nickname, “Sarah-cuda” is slowly being passed around and used to reflect her current political stance.

Of course, Ann and Nancy Wilson were not thrilled upon hearing their song being played by the GOP. Earlier they shot off a salvo statement making their stance clear about the use of their music for anything that’s politically motivating as far as the RNC goes.

“Sarah Palin’s views and values in NO WAY represent us as American women. We ask that our song ‘Barracuda’ no longer be used to promote her image. The song ‘Barracuda’ was written in the late 70s as a scathing rant against the soulless, corporate nature of the music business, particularly for women. (The ‘barracuda’ represented the business.) While Heart did not and would not authorize the use of their song at the RNC, there’s irony in Republican strategists’ choice to make use of it there.”

-Ann & Nancy Wilson

Irony?! Yes, you’re right, Wilson sisters, but the irony doesn’t end after the RNC played the song after all towards the end of the convention. It ends with a statement made by co-writer of the song, Roger Fisher.

“In an appearance on a Seattle talk show, song co-writer Roger Fisher announced he was “thrilled” with the RNC’s use of the song, because it both resulted in royalties for the band and gave them an opportunity to publicly point out that he, the Wilson sisters, and fellow bandmate Michael DeRosier were all staunch supporters of Barack Obama.”

So much for rock bands fighting against the system. I mean despite your dad serving his country in the Marine Corps, you went along with your draft dodging band members to start your group (ironically called, “Army” before you finally made up your minds to call it “Heart”) and become honorary Canadians until the dust settled and U.S. President Jimmy Carter granted amnesty to those who avoided their duty to country. By the way, America called, they said, “Your welcome and we’re still buying your music because despite your political opinions, we like it.”

Bottom line. You left this country when it needed you, came back when it convenienced you, and milked the corporations that milked you in return (ooh, barracuda!), and when you couldn’t cut it as a rock band, you took advantage of the American public by writing cheesy pop songs and getting fools to buy (and your welcome because I bought “Bad Animals” when it came out!) And despite all that, you get politically antsy when this country offers to pay you royalties to play your music at their functions? Even your other band member was thankful that he was getting paid! Can you not show any appreciation for this country? At least Johnny Depp put his money where his mouth is and lives in France. Where are you residing?

You’re absolutely right! Sarah Palin has nothing in common with you.

“What about love? Don’t you want someone to care about you? You might need it someday.”

And speaking of irony, here’s Heart performing Barracuda live. Enjoy!