Because change is good for everyone, Obama announced several days ago that his slogan, “Change We Can Believe In” needed to be changed to “Change We Need”. Originally, he wanted to change it to Spare Change but the rock band told Obama to make up his own mind and not change it on Iraq. Later, a brainstorm was quickly put out by the 9/11 conspiracy video creators of “Spare Change” when they told Obama, “No-bama” on using their title. Barack agreed not to change on that subject matter.

Meanwhile, Obama, still in a changey type of mood, was caught with the microphone still turned on and unknowingly told Joe Biden that Palin needed to change her hairstyle and McCain needed to change his Depends undergarments. Egged on by his constituents, Obama decided change his socks before his next appearance because symbolically, they stunk as bad as a newborn’s diaper but he emphatically reminded us that he did not change his stance on conception because that type of change is permanent.

Change We Need, huh?