OK, now that you are kinda surprised by the comments, don’t be surprised because the man who coined the phrase, “politics of personal destruction” was seeing things from the other side. Whodathunkit? CNN wants to credit Karl Rove’s Wall Street Journal article for telling Obama to back off, but honestly, the vibe against Palin was so ridiculously stretched out, that it was starting to make the Dems look like a bunch of desperate bullies. I know I was not the only one saying this. This country is in such sad shape, do we really want the rest of the world noticing that we’re falling over each other trying to place blame and pointing out each other’s faults? (Whoops, too late!) McCain needs to back off as well. Those ads were the biggest wastes of Rep money (which are no longer on the McCain website). Spend it on an economist that can best explain the economy and how we can get back in black!

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