Children do not need to be dragged into politics. Forcing your political opinions upon your children goes against what this country was established in the first place. They’re not mature enough to understand all the nuances of each candidate, much less all the mud slinging that comes with it. Teach them about democracy, the political system, the current leaders in postion and that’s it! Heck, I’m just now getting involved in all of this and it makes my head spin!

Here are two prime examples.

Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment


Anti-Obama t-shirts cause disruption in class.

What are we teaching our kids at such an early age? Hope in the country, or hate in the nation? Let them see people for what they are worth so they can formulate their own opinions when they are mature enough to do so. Have them show you how they see things from their perspective. You’re the ones running this country for their future’s sake. They’re the ones that are going to take care of us when we’re too old!