So apparently, his grandmother in Kenya says he was born in Kenya

But this report tells me that he was forced to be a citizen of Indonesia so he could go to school there.

But then recently, the State of Hawaii deemed his birth certificate as authentic and thus born in Hawaii as an American citizen.

And then to add insult to injury someone else decides that McCain isn’t a US citizen either!

Here’s the bottom line. Obama and Co. surely must know that this is now circulating amongst the public. Not only that, he’s established a reputation in responding to his critics and fending them off – whether you choose to buy his explinations or not. This questioning of his citizenship is no longer a matter of opinion like his past associations, but a matter of fact that needs to be answered. So why not silence your detractors and come up with the additional transcripts (from each of the colleges that you attended, for example which makes you bring these things before being admitted) that further support your claim to US citizenship? People are talking, the media’s not addressing it yet, and once again, we’re being forced to focus our attention away from getting this country back on track to your legitimacy of the Oval Office. Make up my mind, someone! I’ve got to cast my vote in a couple more days! Sheesh!