Sometimes when there is so much doom and gloom in one’s life, or in this case, one country’s life, sometimes the release of humor can not only be the release you need, it’s therapeutic. It makes you stop being so intense and refocuses your mind to the task at hand. Humor has to be a necessary requirement for a candidate to possess. Ronald Reagan had a sense of humor during times when our relationship with the Soviet Union was wearing thin and even after there was an attempted assassination on his life. Presenting yourself as funny when the time calls for it bring the seriousness of the situation down to a level that everyone can all be. George H. Bush didn’t have a sense of humor. We made more fun of him than he was able to do so himself. Bill Clinton always had a smile on his face and a quip up his sleeve (insert the reasons why here). George W. Bush had a sense of humor in the beginning but after the country was attacked physically, economically, and spiritually, no amount of stand-up could save him. Often he was looked at like the guy who always laughed at his same joke while others looked on shaking their heads. He should have poked more fun at himself. Instead of being a jokester, he was the butt of all jokes. Nowadays, you can’t even see him as much unless he’s addressing the country in serious tones.

Now Obama has made attempts to be funny, but it often looks like he’s being made to read the jokes with side notes telling him when to smile and laugh. See what I mean by seeing the clip below.

By contrast, McCain looks like he’s put on his smoking jacket and is about to reflect upon the funnier times that he’s lived through. There’s a lot to be said about life experience giving you the perspective to find the funny angles of life.

Now let’s take a look at where the center of comedy and politics are focused upon – Saturday Night Live. No discussion, just observe delivery of humor.

Obama’s Appearance on SNL

McCain’s Latest Appearance on SNL