Where are the national Christian leaders that can take us through to the next century? Little by little, those who have been struck with the hypocrisy, pain, and falsehoods of our faith have found each other and decided to organize. And yet, we still act like a bunch of teenagers expecting God to bless us for work that we never did! Can anyone name me the last great Christian leader of this country? I can barely rattle off Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa and then my mind goes blank. Joel Osteen? Nope. I don’t need to feel good about being a Christian, I need someone that will light the proverbial torch under our rear ends. Where has our heart gone? Our selfless, loving and caring attitude towards everyone despite where they came from? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Love God first with heart, mind, soul and then love your neighbor?

This isn’t the first wake up call to Christians and sadly, we’ve ignored the signs while those who have seen the signs from a long time ago are helplessly watching us sink into the quicksand. And their mouths are incapable of relaying the message!

Quit the laissez faire practice of Christianity and start helping others who are dying on the inside. Don’t wait for detractors to call you out. They’ll always have something to say regardless of what we do. Just get out there and give them hope in the name of God and Jesus Christ! Sheesh! Get off your high horse! Faith in humanity will always fall short of expectation.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the main story. Click the linky below and see how organized anti-hypocrisy is taking on organized religion.

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