10 million license plate reads a day!

Things that catch on across the pond tend to make their way over to the US. Fish & Chips, The British Invasion, Teletubbies, Dancing with the Stars, CCTV etc. Sometimes these “advancements” are not always welcomed with open arms but it appears that we’re not responsible enough to take care of ourselves. What is currently happening is yet another fine example of your liberties eroding away. BBC Special correspondent, Richard Bilton, writes about a new network of cameras and computers which will automatically log license plate numbers and be fully operational within months.

It is being hailed, by their own, as “the finest intelligence-led policing tool”. It is capable of reading over 10 million license plates a day. Information is then fed into the system where law enforcement can then determine the where-abouts of certain criminals on the loose. Some precincts that have implemented this system have reported an increase in arrests of 40%. The sword of justice, however, is double-edged. Read the BBC article further down and you will know about John Catt who should be entitled to his own opinions and be allowed to protest the war in a peaceful manner yet was wrongfully”marked” by this technology.

Right now, the technology and data that checks these license plates is unregulated. But as long as you’re not doing anything wrong, then you shouldn’t have to worry, right?

There will be a televised version of this story on BBC 2 on Monday. Hopefully, it will be made available on YouTube shortly thereafter.

Link to BBC Story.