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The Gold Dome

Posted by dimplemonkey on Natuba



Posted by dimplemonkey on Natuba

I was visiting my local Kroger’s supermarket when I came upon this beast. It’s supposed to be UGA VII looking fierce. The actual size of this bulldog is larger than a Mini Cooper. Woof!

I think it is so hilarious that after I express my desire for a WordPress app for the iPhone, it just shows up the next day! Now the circle is complete and I will be free to blog with photos from my iMistress (as my wife likes to call it). Yes, we shall march forward!! SPARTA!!!!!!!!!

Slowly, my dreams of being able to publish on the road are coming to fruition. I’ve just discovered that WordPress has improved their mobile interface and it’s iPhone friendly…er. It’s got more ground to cover but at least I’m getting closer to being able to blog on the spot. By the way, WordPress, get a native app pushed through Apple’s App Store, pronto! And take advantage of the geographic tagging of photos as well as location awareness! Hopefully more to come than ever before! Woo Hoo!