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Yes, I know the Olympics are well behind us but for some, there still has to be some lingering controversy for us not to ignore. (No, not the underaged Chinese gymnasts.) And because I am a conspiracy buff, I took great delight in showing you the doubt this individual has when it came to the exciting finish for Michael Phelps’ 7th gold medal in Beijing, China for the 100m Butterfly.

We all know that it was one / one hundredth of a second between first and second place. A virtual fingertip that separated gold from silver. This individual (don’t know what his/her name is yet because there is nothing I can easily find on the website) hours after the race, purchased the domain (which now forwards to for clarity’s sake) and began to decend into the reasons why this was nothing but a fix so sponsor, Omega, can float like a butterfly all the way to the bank. They almost had me convinced but the lack of video and additional angles of the race left me wondering. So I decided to see if there was anything on YouTube that could help me figure this out.

Take a look at this video made by a fellow YouTuber:

Very simple and to the point. It was a photo finish without a doubt and you can clearly see that Covic was barely touching the pad. So does that mean Phelps won the race courtesy of his sponsor, Omega? Not so fast, Bucky! I seeked out another video that could help nip this in the bud…

This was a good angle for both swimmers. As Covic’s fingers were starting to bend as he touched the pad, Phelps’ wrists were practically at right angles. Verdict? There’s no conspiracy. Covic coasted into the finish with his head above the water and palms out thus giving him enough drag to give Phelps the time to throw his arms above the water and quickly fly through the air while his head was under the water just long enough to give him the medal and a place in Olympic history as one of the greatest decorated athletes in the modern era of sports.

I don’t totally discredit this individual’s efforts in seeking the truth but unfortunately, his argument doesn’t hold water (I’m so punny) and spends more time bashing corporate America and it’s greedy money grubbing ways. Basically, their site speaks volumes of where it’s purpose lies. But don’t just take my word for it, go visit the website and see for yourself. He’s got a testimonial page with people agreeing with him and according to their website, he’s been validated over 400,000 unique times.

Here’s the race again if you wish to relive the Olympic history!

Phelps wins 7th Gold


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I was visiting my local Kroger’s supermarket when I came upon this beast. It’s supposed to be UGA VII looking fierce. The actual size of this bulldog is larger than a Mini Cooper. Woof!