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Facebook Borg“Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours.”

– The Facebook….errr…. I mean The Borg

I see another round of changes have come about Facebook. They’re right, resistance is futile.


Celebrities are now pledging to be Americans and be more responsible?! Weren’t you a part of the problem before anyway?! You’re pledging now to be a “servant” to the president of the United States?! What about when the former president was being ridiculed by the rest of the planet? Oh, but we only hang out with the cool kids on the block. Forget being American, I don’t know that guy. Let me kiss my arms in the name of Barack (smack) Obama (smack) and pledge servitude because I cannot take care of this country and make a difference as an individual. Isn’t that what made this country great long ago?

Personally, I find this video awkward. I was taught to never serve mankind. We’re idiots, untrustworthy and self-serving fools. To believe that we can actually serve man for man’s sake is skewed. I serve a much higher authority that asks me to be selfless and seek out a purpose for my life that far exceeds anything great that I can attain here – even during those moments when I start to believe that the universe should revolve around me!

Are these celebrities for real? Well as more and more try to join us, we’ll see how hard it is to hold them accountable to a pledge as much as non-believers and believers try to hold me to higher standards.

But even as I walk away (not step down) from my soapbox. I know that you don’t have to pledge your servitude to any person. Serve your country because it’s what made this nation great! Serve your fellow man because it is what we’re commanded to do. But above all else, serve Him!

1st Debate Ratings Comparisons

Nielson Media Research

National household ratings for earlier presidential debates (each year’s first debate only):

2008: McCain-Obama: 34.7

2004: Kerry-Bush: 39.4

2000: Bush-Gore: 31.7

1996: Clinton-Dole: 31.6

1992: Clinton-Bush-Perot: 38.3

1988: Bush-Dukakis: 36.8

1984: Reagan-Mondale: 45.3

1980: Carter-Reagan: 58.9

1976: Ford-Carter: 53.5

The 13 Voices of Primetime

You’ve heard the voices everywhere but you never saw the faces – until now! Starting from left to right, we’ve got Townsend Coleman, George DelHoyo, Don LaFontaine, Andy Geller, Joe Cipriano, Scott Weil, Rino Ramano, Ashton Smith, Jonathan Cook, Dave Fennoy, Stew Herrera, Rafael Ferrer, and Tony Rodgers.

These are the voices of primetime. The website,, has their contact information and samples of their work. It is so cool to actually hear the voices and finally match the faces.