D-Ohio, 9th District, Marcy Kaptor has an interesting thing to say. Why am I not hearing more about this in the mainstream? Why is the rest of the Senate staying quiet after she speaks? The British House of Commons at least will clap or boo. Those guys know how to let you know if they agree with you or not. So again, I must ask, why the lack of reaction? (insert cricket chirps)

So let’s get past this point and move on to what Ms. Kaptor is talking about… our continued dependence on oil. I remember this being a big issue with I was younger… AND THAT WAS IN THE 70s! What’s happened since? Why are we still sucking the oil pipe down like $6 Starbucks coffee? Why has the average fuel efficiency of an automobile barely creeped into the 30s? Why has developement for alternative fuels been stunted by special interest groups? Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot? The questions I ask are somewhat rhetorical in nature. My purpose is to actually stir some debate and interest in finding out whether it is better to pursue the answers and condemn those who are preventing us from finding alternative energy or if we just need to leave all of them behind and march forth on our own as a collective and begin a new revolution in which our actions will speak louder than our words. This country used to be an admired leader in so many facets. Why can’t we take the reigns and advance ourselves forward instead of waiting for someone to do it for us?