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In an upcoming episode of the Simpsons, Homer heads towards the polls and attempts to vote for Obama. Now what I find even more fascinating and ironic than Homer voting for Obama is the fact that Homer Simpson is being forced to vote not by the government but by those who animate him, script him, and voice him under the auspices of Fox!



I can bring home the bacon…

Fry it up in the pan. And never let you forget you’re a man! Cause I’m
a woman… W-O-M-A-N!!!

Posted by dimplemonkey on Natuba

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Yes, we’ve got our priorities mixed up. Still, it is not too late to change this picture. I remember growing up in this country being a proud American. I remember accepting people for what they can do for this country. Now it seems everyone is expecting this country to hand them their deserved share. We need to stop the selfishness and focus on the things that made this country great. Oh wait, I’m asking a lot.