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Visually stunning. My son loved watching this!


Music Recommendation

From @emilythemom on Twitter and they sounded so good, it was worth bringing them here. Enjoy!

Straight No Chaser

YouTube Internet Celebs make it to the big leagues! I have heard of them just before they released their Christmas album so it is satisfying to watch these guys make the most of their talents. All the best to them and support them by buying their music.

Music Courtesy of XP and Vista

Created just from the sound samples of the Windows XP and Vista Operating System. Enjoy!

There is nothing more fascinating to me than the sociological perspectives that life has to offer. Here’s someone who decided not just finding out but reporting it back as an art form. I really digg what this guy did. Almost reminds me of the Right Now video from Van Halen (which is my favorite song of all time).

Deep in the province of Anhui, China, there is a residence just begging to be replicated in Las Vegas. There is not much information available about this home but as you can see in the opposite view of the home, all keys are there for your viewing pleasure! In another part of Anhui, local businesses are sensing a trend in the need for large furniture.