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Just changed the theme…

This blog has become my red-headed stepchild for obvious reasons. 😉

There are plenty of other places you can “find” me online. I’m most prevalent on Twitter where I enjoy a good rant when the occasion calls for one. Check me out at twitter.com/dimplemonkey

For some reason, I’ve been observing the increased amount of snarkiness on the twitterverse. It’s appealing when used tactfully. The “rant” and the “snark” are definitely kissing cousins.

You can also locate me through Tumblr. I’m having a one sided relationship with these guys. After logging in, I decide to go run a marathon, twice, then come back and just catch the Dashboard screen come up.

OK, enough for now since I’ve taken all day to get this entry posted.


While it may appear that it has been a while since my last post, people who have followed me on Twitter (@dimplemonkey) realize that most of my rants/comments tend to be done in a polite and respectful manner. I do have my moments when things happen in life and my best outlet of emotions without causing too much collateral damage is by posting here. You should see the outpouring of visceral emotions from my fingertips to the keyboard. I really let them have it! Then I Save Draft and walk away. Several reasons why I do this. First of all, it seems that when I finish ranting, complaining, B&Ming, there’s no concluding thought. No viable solution. I’m trying to make a point but then it leave me. (If you could see how far back my eyes are rolling right now!) Secondly, the effectiveness of my hard core rant loses perspective. I see the trees but lose sight of the forest. Sometimes, I get sucked into the instant gratification and classless behavior this society has turned into and fail to offer long term solutions. How am I supposed to be a contributing member of society if all I do is complain like everyone else around here?
Finally, when I return to look at what I have typed, my flawed character will read this and say, “Why’d you type this garbage?” or “Do you even know what you’re saying?” So far, the total amount of saved posts (drafts) are numbering into double digits! There are some doozies but they will be heading to the proverbial digital trash bin and emptied.

So do I care about what I post here? Of course, I do. I understand that while the comments are at a bare minimum, I do know that someone’s reading them. Because of this, I am obligated to make sure you don’t get too much fluff. Quality before quantity. Then again, I do want to help those who need it, so more quality postings should be in order.