So my wife received a gift from someone and happened to mention that she got it at a local Target store. Of course, the gift received is something she already has in her house (amongst many things). Happily, she drives to her local Target store, eager to get her store credit and run amok throughout the store. As she approaches the service desk and hands the item she wants store credit for, the nice lady across the counter asks for her driver’s license. As it is customary with their return policy, my wife gladly hands it to her. However, there appeared to be a problem, she doesn’t even have the gift receipt and she’s already returned items twice in a year. It is Target’s policy, the nice lady across the counter says, to not allow more than two exchanges per year, per customer who cannot produce a receipt of purchase. Of course, this surprises my wife but being the quick thinking individual that she is, she thought to herself, “I’ll just come back with my husband who hardly ever sets foot in Target much less returns anything.” (EDIT: Because I usually buy things that I intend on keeping.)

Of course, her train of thought is quickly interrupted by the nice lady across the counter who quips back rather secretly, “Just come back with your husband. I’m sure he never sets foot in this store much less returns anything.”

Did I just hear Target tell me how to hack the system itself? Why do we even have this policy, Target? It defies logic and reasoning altogether! Your own employees are telling us how to overcome your return policies with smiles on their faces!