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Because he’s a crackpot? A nutjob? A patriot? Not shiny and polished as our current president-elect? A true upholder of the Constitution? Since when does serving 10 terms in office, delivering babies, and having a lock on why the economy is in the crapper somethinng to be frowned upon that’s not worthy of assigning him the task of fixing the current state of affairs with this great nation? After all, that’s why so many American’s voted for BO. First order of business is to fix the economy, right? That is what all of you wanted, right?

Why does the media love to get sound bites and interviews with him? Why did so many people contribute so much money is so little time to help this man’s presidential campaign? Why were they silenced after he wasn’t nominated? Why did Ron Paul refuse to run as an independent? The answers are out there if you know where to look.

In the meantime, CNN is featuring RP again on his views and thoughts about our economy and state of the G.O.P. Why is he the only one with the clarity to not only explain the problems of this country but to offer the paths towards reaching solutions? Talk about a massive FACEPALM!

(taken from CNN)

During the debates in the Republican Presidential primary, even though I am a 10-term sitting Representative Member of Congress, I was challenged more than once on my Republican credentials. The fact that I was repeatedly asked how I could be a Republican when I was talking a different language than the other candidates answers the question of how the Republican Party can slip so far so fast.

My rhetorical answer at the time was simple: Why should one be excluded from the Republican Party for believing and always voting for:

• Limited government power

• A balanced budget

• Personal liberty

• Strict adherence to the Constitution

• Sound money

• A strong defense while avoiding all undeclared wars

• No nation-building and no policing the world

How can a party that still pretends to be the party of limited government distance itself outright from these views and expect to maintain credibility? Since the credibility of the Republican Party has now been lost, how can it regain credibility without embracing these views, or at least showing respect for them?

I concluded my answer by simply stating the Republican Party had lost its way and must reassess its values. And that is what needs to be done in a hurry.


So 9/11 scared you into believing we had to fight a war with no end in sight.

Cervical cancer scared you in believing that you need to have a vaccine shot for your pre-teenage girl.

And now the current state of the financial markets are scaring you into believing that we need a central world bank. It’s gone far enough, people! (Why didn’t we take Ron Paul to the White House?!)

Forget McCain and his lack of knowledge about the economy. It appears that no one in Washington wants to comment on all the bailouts. Is it that hard to piece together? I’m understanding that we’re now starting to bailout some non-US banks. What?!!

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Of course, I’m always able to hear the voice of reason – Ron Paul! Oh, but everyone else thinks he’s a crackpot. Well color me crackpot as well!

Ron Paul
I hope this isn’t a case of too much, too little, too late, but Time magazine is finally telling us what we already know. I shake my head in disappointment because this article could have been written earlier. This article shows me that they’re now starting to catch on to what the internet has been trying to push onto the general public. Just read the article and tell me what you think. If everyone thinks this guys a cook, then consider me committed as well.