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EDIT: There are few who care about the environment, there also hopes to be few who profit from it. I was thinking about quoting the source of the article below but then I felt I would get immediately disqualified because of it. But there’s one thing that stands out in all of this for me. You can Google it if you want. Here’s my take: Oil is unpopular, it’s limited, it’s a pollutant; yet, it fuels commerce, produce, and transports medicines, workers, and supplies over large distances. No one wants to waste the time and energy (pun intended) to fund and research cheap alternative fuel sources. Why would big oil want that? It would put them out of business. Why are the environmentalist organizations not keen on suggesting cheap alternative energy? Because they don’t want fuels to go away just yet either! So let’s make up “carbon credits” and just let the rich countries get “taxed” so they can continue burning fuels and let the underdeveloped countries have a chance to use that money. Most importantly, let”s use the UN to rally these countries together and let us handle the cashflow! What a racket! But then again, it is our fault for not being responsible enough on our own to be better stewards of what’s been given to us. Instead, we’re gonna let man’s “worst enemy to the planet” be judge, jury, and sadly, the executioner.

The Multibillion Dollar Carbon Trading System The carbon trading system is a multibillion money-making bonanza for the financial establishment. The stakes are extremely high and the various lobby groups on behalf of Wall Street have already positioned themselves.

According to a recent report, “the carbon market could become double the size of the vast oil market, according to the new breed of City players who trade greenhouse gas emissions through the EU’s emissions trading scheme.

The speed of that growth will depend on whether the Copenhagen summit gives a go-ahead for a low-carbon economy, but Ager says whatever happens schemes such as the ETS will expand around the globe.” (Terry Macalister, Carbon trading could be worth twice that of oil in next decade, The Guardian, 28 November 2009)

The large financial conglomerates, involved in derivative trade, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank America Merrill Lynch, Barclay’s, Citi Bank, Nomura, Société Générale, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are actively involved in carbon trading.( FACTBOX: Investment banks in carbon trading | Reuters, 14 September 2009)

The legitimacy of the carbon trading system rests on the legitimacy of the Global Warming Consensus, which views CO2 emissions as the single threat to the environment. And for Wall Street the carbon trading system is a convenient and secure money-making safety-net, allowing for the transfer of billions of dollars into the pockets of a handful of conglomerates.

“Every major financial house in New York and London has set up carbon trading operations. Very big numbers are dancing in their heads, and they need them to replace the “wealth” that evaporated in the housing bust. Louis Redshaw, head of environmental markets at Barclays Capital, told the New York Times, “Carbon will be the world’s biggest market over all.” Barclays thinks the current $60 billion carbon market could grow to $1 trillion within a decade. Four years ago Redshaw, a former electricity trader, couldn’t get anyone to talk to him about carbon.” (Mark Braly, The Multibillion Dollar Carbon Trading, RenewableEnergyWorld.com, 5 March 2008)


Junk DNA Mechanism That Prevents Two Species From Reproducing Discovered


ScienceDaily (2009-10-27) — Researchers have discovered a genetic mechanism in fruit flies that prevents two closely related species from reproducing, a finding that offers clues to how species evolve.


(Edit: Or how they stop evolving and thus create a new type of species altogether. Someone get me a copy of On The Origin of Species, please…) Have you ever seen a bully knock over some kids play blocks when you were young? Just when we believed that the bully had no equal, here comes someone bigger reminding them that they need to play fair with each other. Will this article ever make it to the mainstream. Sorry. Only those who evolved from the gooey mass (media) will come to this realization. Where’s my eraser?…

Keep in mind, folks, that there is purpose for everything. To believe that you were born to exist only reduces your talent by those who don’t want you to succeed. Do you allow that to be said of you or do you agree with that of others you feel are inferior to you? Are there ants in the colony that just stand around and do nothing? Do worms just live in the ground because they couldn’t grow wings? Show me something that has no purpose and I’ll show you an inability to look deeper into the mysteries of life.

Consider the opposing argument for An Inconvenient Truth, then decide intelligently.

3:30 am is when the Large Hadron Collider gets turned on to smash proton particles. What’s gonna happen when they do collide? All we have are theories. If all goes well, then it will be a new era in physics, if all goes bad, we’re doomed to be swallowed up in a black hole or strangelets. Click on the jump to understand the newsworthy aspects of the LHC. Watch the videos below to understand things on a level you may comprehend best.

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Explanations for the conspiracy theorist

Explanation for the pasty white boy in you who desires to be like 50 Cent

For the highly extreme religious theorist

So what’s gonna happen? Hopefully much ado about nothing or we’ll manage to harness energies beyond our comprehension?

As we all now know, Viagra was discovered by chance occurrences… or was it? Pasteur observed: “Chance favors the prepared mind.” What are the characteristics of a prepared mind in science? How do chance and serendipity work in scientific research in general and drug discovery in particular?

This is a great article that begs the question whether there is something more to chance and serendipity than meets the eye. Of course, I would have to take this a step further and beg the question whether man’s desire to discover sometimes needs a little divine intervention? The author of this article, Sunny Auyang, never goes in that direction, of course, she’s a scientist and he has to be as factual as possible in her critical thinking. Still, it’s good to see a scientific observation being reported as objectively as possible.

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In the Svalbard Islands, far north of Norway and fast approaching the Arctic Circle, there is a mountain that will contain a high number of the planet’s seeds for that “just in case we screw the earth over or vice versa” scenario. Here are the stats on this facility:

  • Capable of protecting 2.25 billion seeds from around the world, in case of climate change, nuclear war or other catastrophes. Storage is free and there is no transfer of ownership.
  • “Light” designed by Norwegian artist Dyveke Sanne makes a beacon at tunnel entrance
  • Tunnel is 125 metres long
  • Slight downward slope
  • Sleeve to protect tunnel from the elements and erosion
  • Transformer room and office
  • Airlock Doors
  • Seed vault #1 (of 3): Each room is 27 metres long, 9.5 metres wide and 5 metres high.
  • Each sample contains about 500 seeds. The samples are heat-sealed in moisture-proof foil packages that are composed of four laminated layers. They are then stored in plastic or cardboard boxes. The seeds are kept between -18 to -20 degrees Celsius by a 10-watt compressor but in the case of a power outage the temperature will not get warmer than -4 degrees Celsius.

The Global Crop Diversity Trust‘s mission is to ensure the conservation and availability of crop diversity for food security worldwide. It is truly an organization that thinks on a global scale.