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I’ve moved to Tumblr but…

that doesn’t mean that I have abandoned wordpress altogether. Those of you that still have access to this address, you’ll still get to see me post other things that happen to me but to a more limited audience. Of course, this is the internet so a limited audience may not be so tiny!

Anyway, I do plan on exercising my writing chops a lot. Especially, since Tumblr is so painstakingly slow to load. Wassupwidat?!

Right now, the mood is a bit melancholy. Highly atypical for me but I guess this day was inevitable. There are plenty of things that loom in the back of my mind, the only problem is that there is no decent outlet to let the steam out. Since the warmer weather is now upon us, I am considering taking up some kind of activity. Any suggestions?

I’m also considering some traveling – cheap traveling. I’ve seen people with just their backpacks at the airport and money in their pockets. That really appeals to me. Especially when there are cheap fares involved. This was something that I enjoyed doing when I was younger. Spur of the moment type of things. Not taking things to the irresponsible level – I am a family man, after all – but to be able to add some push pins to my travel map would really suit me well. Not to mention being able to record my travels for posterity’s sake. I just need to find a way to do something… Anyone have some places that they like to go to on a whim?

BTW, my Tumblr address is dimplemonkey.tumblr.com


In this age of communication, it’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore. People want us to get to the point. We don’t want to be burdened with fluff because it cuts into our schedule. Our lives have been condensed into 140 characters, :15 second ads, :30 min sitcoms, severely edited reality programming, and short email and chat sessions.

Yes, I feel like it’s one of those “get off my lawn” moments! I think I’m going to write a letter to the editor of my local newspaper – oh wait, do we still have those?