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Yes, we’ve reached the all races, creatures, and levels to determine who’s got the edge.

Comedian Rich Kuras infiltrates the World of Warcraft to poll players on the 2008 Presidential Election.
We broke down the results per race and Class. What we found may…and please excuse the pun…WOW you!


OMG! At least our American politicians can BS their way better than the Aussies! But then again, that isn’t necessarily a badge I’d show off with pride.

From the OMG! and the Welcome Back to Reality files… [Can someone please buy some more of his records so he can fly in style and not first class!!! Have you no decency?]

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Fuel prices have grounded an unexpected frequent-flyer: Diddy.

Sean “Diddy” Combs complained about the “… too high” price of gas and pleaded for free oil from his “Saudi Arabia brothers and sisters” in a YouTube video posted Wednesday.

The hip-hop mogul said he is now flying on commercial airlines instead of in private jets, which Combs said had previously cost him $200,000 and up for a roundtrip between New York and Los Angeles.

Yo! This aint goin down like this!

Yo! This ain't goin' down like this!

“I’m actually flying commercial,” Diddy said before walking onto an airplane, sitting in a first-class seat and flashing his boarding pass to the camera. “That’s how high gas prices are. I’m at the gate right now. This is really happening, proof gas prices are too high. Tell whoever the next president is we need to bring gas prices down.”

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Charlie Bit My Finger!

An internet classic. Yes, you know you want to watch it again! Oooooooooouch, Charlie!!