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My previous entry spoke about the need to travel somewhere to seek some solace. Mysteriously, there happened to be a death in my family. Now I’m about to embark on a long journey…

I will continue as the day and access allow for it.


I’ve moved to Tumblr but…

that doesn’t mean that I have abandoned wordpress altogether. Those of you that still have access to this address, you’ll still get to see me post other things that happen to me but to a more limited audience. Of course, this is the internet so a limited audience may not be so tiny!

Anyway, I do plan on exercising my writing chops a lot. Especially, since Tumblr is so painstakingly slow to load. Wassupwidat?!

Right now, the mood is a bit melancholy. Highly atypical for me but I guess this day was inevitable. There are plenty of things that loom in the back of my mind, the only problem is that there is no decent outlet to let the steam out. Since the warmer weather is now upon us, I am considering taking up some kind of activity. Any suggestions?

I’m also considering some traveling – cheap traveling. I’ve seen people with just their backpacks at the airport and money in their pockets. That really appeals to me. Especially when there are cheap fares involved. This was something that I enjoyed doing when I was younger. Spur of the moment type of things. Not taking things to the irresponsible level – I am a family man, after all – but to be able to add some push pins to my travel map would really suit me well. Not to mention being able to record my travels for posterity’s sake. I just need to find a way to do something… Anyone have some places that they like to go to on a whim?

BTW, my Tumblr address is

Junk DNA Mechanism That Prevents Two Species From Reproducing Discovered

ScienceDaily (2009-10-27) — Researchers have discovered a genetic mechanism in fruit flies that prevents two closely related species from reproducing, a finding that offers clues to how species evolve.


(Edit: Or how they stop evolving and thus create a new type of species altogether. Someone get me a copy of On The Origin of Species, please…) Have you ever seen a bully knock over some kids play blocks when you were young? Just when we believed that the bully had no equal, here comes someone bigger reminding them that they need to play fair with each other. Will this article ever make it to the mainstream. Sorry. Only those who evolved from the gooey mass (media) will come to this realization. Where’s my eraser?…

Keep in mind, folks, that there is purpose for everything. To believe that you were born to exist only reduces your talent by those who don’t want you to succeed. Do you allow that to be said of you or do you agree with that of others you feel are inferior to you? Are there ants in the colony that just stand around and do nothing? Do worms just live in the ground because they couldn’t grow wings? Show me something that has no purpose and I’ll show you an inability to look deeper into the mysteries of life.

Facebook Borg“Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours.”

– The Facebook….errr…. I mean The Borg

I see another round of changes have come about Facebook. They’re right, resistance is futile.

Celebrities are now pledging to be Americans and be more responsible?! Weren’t you a part of the problem before anyway?! You’re pledging now to be a “servant” to the president of the United States?! What about when the former president was being ridiculed by the rest of the planet? Oh, but we only hang out with the cool kids on the block. Forget being American, I don’t know that guy. Let me kiss my arms in the name of Barack (smack) Obama (smack) and pledge servitude because I cannot take care of this country and make a difference as an individual. Isn’t that what made this country great long ago?

Personally, I find this video awkward. I was taught to never serve mankind. We’re idiots, untrustworthy and self-serving fools. To believe that we can actually serve man for man’s sake is skewed. I serve a much higher authority that asks me to be selfless and seek out a purpose for my life that far exceeds anything great that I can attain here – even during those moments when I start to believe that the universe should revolve around me!

Are these celebrities for real? Well as more and more try to join us, we’ll see how hard it is to hold them accountable to a pledge as much as non-believers and believers try to hold me to higher standards.

But even as I walk away (not step down) from my soapbox. I know that you don’t have to pledge your servitude to any person. Serve your country because it’s what made this nation great! Serve your fellow man because it is what we’re commanded to do. But above all else, serve Him!

Admittedly, this first video just shows what a jet engine blow out look like. So I had to search for another video that shows the infamous chicken gun. In the best case scenario, the blades should “ginsu” the bird into thinly sliced fillets but as you can see, the fan blades still cause havoc if they’re not balanced in spin.

Wonder what Sully had to deal with after he took off from LaGuardia? Where is this man’s Congressional Medal of Honor? Here’s a video news clip that speaks well about him.

Straight No Chaser

YouTube Internet Celebs make it to the big leagues! I have heard of them just before they released their Christmas album so it is satisfying to watch these guys make the most of their talents. All the best to them and support them by buying their music.

click on image to see larger photo

A daredevil surfer is pictured tackling a giant 41 foot wave in a bid to win himself a prestigious award. Kerby Brown took on the monster during a session at a top secret reef, and nearly didn’t live to tell the tale. Moments after these pictures were taken, he suffered a devastating wipeout which nearly killed him.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Sometimes when there is so much doom and gloom in one’s life, or in this case, one country’s life, sometimes the release of humor can not only be the release you need, it’s therapeutic. It makes you stop being so intense and refocuses your mind to the task at hand. Humor has to be a necessary requirement for a candidate to possess. Ronald Reagan had a sense of humor during times when our relationship with the Soviet Union was wearing thin and even after there was an attempted assassination on his life. Presenting yourself as funny when the time calls for it bring the seriousness of the situation down to a level that everyone can all be. George H. Bush didn’t have a sense of humor. We made more fun of him than he was able to do so himself. Bill Clinton always had a smile on his face and a quip up his sleeve (insert the reasons why here). George W. Bush had a sense of humor in the beginning but after the country was attacked physically, economically, and spiritually, no amount of stand-up could save him. Often he was looked at like the guy who always laughed at his same joke while others looked on shaking their heads. He should have poked more fun at himself. Instead of being a jokester, he was the butt of all jokes. Nowadays, you can’t even see him as much unless he’s addressing the country in serious tones.

Now Obama has made attempts to be funny, but it often looks like he’s being made to read the jokes with side notes telling him when to smile and laugh. See what I mean by seeing the clip below.

By contrast, McCain looks like he’s put on his smoking jacket and is about to reflect upon the funnier times that he’s lived through. There’s a lot to be said about life experience giving you the perspective to find the funny angles of life.

Now let’s take a look at where the center of comedy and politics are focused upon – Saturday Night Live. No discussion, just observe delivery of humor.

Obama’s Appearance on SNL

McCain’s Latest Appearance on SNL